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San Antonio: The Heart of the Spurs

- Will

As many of you know, the NBA finals took place last night, featuring the final battle between the Miami Heat and the San Antonio Spurs. Yesterday was also the day that I arrived in San Antonio with my family to celebrate my Grandmother’s 80th Birthday.

After we left the San Antonio airport and drove towards the Riverwalk and our hotel, I noticed that there were “Go Spurs Go” signs EVERYWHERE! There were huge banners coating the tops of the city buildings, flagpoles brandishing American, Texan, and Spurs flags, and marquees from local businesses all proudly showing their support for their city’s basketball team.

We checked in to our hotel, the El Tropicano Riverwalk which is super cool — they have a live toucan and turtle in the lobby — and after greeting relatives, we went to dinner at Mi Tierra’s, a semi-famous local establishment that has, without a doubt, THE BEST tortillas ever consumed by man! It is absolutely a MUST if you are ever in San Antonio; I swear by it! The restaurant is located in an open plaza with tons of seating because they are used to seeing so much business. The interior walls are covered with full-sized portraits of historic and famous people, and the ceilings are covered with metallic cellophane, streamers, and piñatas.



Going out on the town was just another showing of the Spurs spirit in the city. All the waiters ditched their traditional garb to sport Spurs jerseys, the in-restaurant bar was packed with “Parker”, “Duncan”, and “Ginobili” jerseys, and every table at the restaurant had at least one person wearing Spurs fan regalia. It was truly a sight to see.

After eating, my cousins and I rushed back to our hotel suite to catch the second half of the basketball game, thus ending my first day of the trip. Unfortunately for the city, the Spurs did not come away with the win, but it was still incredible to see the amount of pride in which the local “San Antonians” had for their team.




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