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A city crazed by cherries? With good reason.

- Hye Sung

When Traverse City comes to mind, most people think cherries. Though there is much more to this culture-packed midwestern gem of a city, the cherries are definitely significant. As the number one producer of tart cherries in the US, and the city that hosts the week-long Cherry Festival every year, cherries are a big deal in this city. Undoubtedly, the McManus Southview Orchard best reveals the heart of the cherry industry in Traverse.


This farm is run by a well-known and well-loved Traverse City family and their charm, professionalism, and delicious cherries have earned being mentioned in Rachael Ray’s magazine this past month.

Part of the reason why this farm is so noteworthy is because of how easy it is to get to there, especially for those driving north to Traverse City. Their location is perfect for avoiding downtown traffic, so you and your family can quickly get to your afternoon of cherry-picking.

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At the McManus Southview Orchard, you are able to pick your own cherries, choosing what you find most fit for your palate–and I assure you, you will. With all the kinds of cherries produced on this farm, it’d be hard to not find YOUR perfect cherries. The diversity of cherries include black sweet cherries, [yellow] Queen Ann cherries, and later in the season comes the tart cherries, perfect for pie-making! Throughout the cherry season, about ten different varieties of cherries will ripen.


One of the best parts of the orchard is the market. At the market, you will find a good number of different cherry goods, such as salsas, vinaigrettes, mustards, jellies, pies and even more delicious baked treats. You will be surprised with how much one can do with some cherries. And, of course, you will find plenty of crates overflowing with cherries.

This weekend launches the annual Cherry Festival, and about 500,000 people will be making their way to Traverse City. As the festival comes to a close, the cherry harvest is predicted to come. Why not make a visit on July 4th to the McManus Southview Orchard and see why people are raving about Traverse City cherries? From 9AM to 5PM, the doors are open for the whole family.

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