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Anybody Like Roller Blading?

- Abby

One of my favorite places to go roller blading is United Skates of America in Rhode Island. I used to go there all the time when I was younger. United Skates of America consists of a large roller blading track, rock climbing, an arcade, and laser tag. This place is ideal generally for kids from ages six to thirteen, but I still like to go once and a while. United Skates of America is a very popular place for birthday parties too!


Roller Blading:

This is my favorite thing to do at United Skates. The track for roller blading goes around the eating, arcade, and rest area. The rock climbing wall is also in this area. The track is very big so you have plenty of room to skate around and not bump into anybody. United Skates provides skates in all sizes that you can rent or you can bring your own. They also provide skate trainers and skating lessons.

The Arcade:

The arcade is not very large but does have a variety of typical arcade games. You can win tickets to get prizes at the prize table across the roller blading track. The arcade is good for children of all ages. However, I think that United Skates is really meant for the skating, not so much for playing video games.

Laser tag:

This game is very popular among nine to thirteen year olds. I myself also enjoy a good round of laser tag. The laser tag area is in another area away from roller blading. The room where you play laser tag is a good size, it has an outer space theme with glow in the dark pictures and models of aliens and planets lining the walls. Anyone from the ages of five to sixty five can enjoy a fun game of laser tag at United Skates.

Hopefully I will be able to visit one of my favorite places as a kid very soon. Here is a link to their website to help you plan your next trip to United Skates of America!




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