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Galatoire’s New Orleans Review

- Christina

From March 23-30, 2013 I traveled with a group called WIT Travel to New Orleans. Two other high schoolers and me planned the trip with the goal of promoting the idea of teenagers everywhere making volunteering part of their travels. I’ve posted a series of blogs talking about each day of the trip, now I am posting some restaurant and attraction reviews. You can find all this, and more accounts from my fellow travelers, at

    We came across this place after true Southern hospitality was extended to us by someone we met along our journey. This meant we were lucky enough to enjoy it without destroying our carefully planned food budget (it’s very expensive). The restaurant is over 100 years old, and an obvious mecca for New Orleans high society. The restaurant is nestled into a block on Bourbon Street, which is not where you would expect an enclave of class and tradition. However, the grandeur becomes apparent as soon as you walk in the door and are subjected to the strictly enforced dress code (dressy; suit jackets for men are required after 5 pm). We were seated in the downstairs area, which had green walls painted with gold fluer de lis. Even the ceiling fans are opulent, with wood and gold trim. Our waiter was kind and helpful, and he promptly brought out all of the dishes we ordered. The whole meal was a decadent experience, and some definite highlights were:
-Shrimp Remoulade
-Soufflé Potatoes
-Crabmeat au Gratin
-Duck Crepe
-Black Bottom Pecan Pie

All dressed up and enjoying a Shirley Temple (so sophisticated, I know)

If you are looking for a place to celebrate a big event or just feel like Southern royalty, Galatoire’s is definitely where you want to go.

Link to the restaurant’s website here:




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