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- Caroline

Coast to coast, across the globe there are LOTS of different travel spots to adventure to. No matter the time of year, amount of people or time away from home the places to visit are endless. With so many choices it can be overwhelming to plan an upcoming get away. WorldBrowser understands the time constriction that we are all under in today’s busy world and created an online encyclopedia for travel destinations throughout the world.

WorldBrowser categorizes different travel spots and types of travel activities. With an extensive list of activities that range from museums, theme parks, national parks, landmarks, dining, and many more, it is easy to channel in on something that truly interests you. Places are also categorized between countries, states, regions, cities, and parts of the world. This allows users to focus on a specific place or to explore generic areas in the world to discover new things to do or adventures to find. By organizing travel destinations by geographic location and activity type it helps makes travel planning convenient and user friendly.

I found that World Browser made trip planning easier. I actually felt like I was a travel agent or an expert after reading the info World Browser had about many destinations my family was interested in visiting. Check it out at:




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