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Ed Sheeran, The Today Show, and Me!

- Madison

Hi I’m Madison. I’m 16 and from Northern New Jersey.


Ed Sheeran is one of the most recent singing sensations. His most popular songs The A Team and Lego House are heard all over the radio. Ed Sheeran is also one of my favorite signers.  He writes all of his own songs and has a gift for creating beautiful lyrics. So when I heard he was performing on The Today Show in New York City, which is filmed only 30 minutes from where I live, I knew I had to see him.


The Today Show has a concert series where every few weeks various artists play a short concert out on their plaza; it is free admission and is first come first served.  However when someone as popular as Ed Sheeran is performing, the numbers of people who arrive can get out of control. The show starts at 7am. In hopes of getting good seats I left at 4’oclock in the morning.  My sister, Mary, drove one of my friends and me into New York. It was weird to see the city so quiet as we drove around at 4:30 in the morning!  I am usually not a morning person but I was too excited to be tired. As I left the house my mom mentioned how I have not been up so early since I was a baby.


The show is filmed on 49th street but when we got there we saw a line of girls going all the way down Fifth Avenue. People had blankets and chairs and some were sleeping right on the sidewalk. My friend and I reached the end of the line on 53rd street. We stood there until about 5:15; we passed the time by talking to the girls around us and taking pictures.  Once the line started moving things got crazy. People started sprinting, turning the nice single file line into a mob of girls dressed in orange, Ed’s signature color, all-stampeding towards Rockefeller center.  Soon the running ended and we were stopped on 48th street.  My friend in I were towards the back of the line but not all the way in the back when Mary called to me to tell me that she was able to walk right up to the stage, and she told us to leave the line and come meet her.


My friend and I were very torn about whether or not to leave our spot on line. We obviously wanted the best seats possible but did we want to risk loosing our spot? After much thought we decided to leave the line and go meet my sister. However Mary was on the other side of the stage so my friend and I had to run all the way down 48th street and around to Rockefeller Plaza. My sister had secured a good spot that was not right on the plaza but across the street in the front row, so no one was blocking us.


I was happy that we decided to leave the line because I am sure these seats would be better than wherever we would have ended up. Ed came on around 6:00 to do sound check and he sounded amazing.  By this point I was very tired but the energy of the crowd kept me awake.  He started to perform around 8:00 and he was better than I expected.  It was so exciting being so close to him and I loved being able to see him perform.  It was a great, although exhausting experience but I would definitely do it again!


Here are some tips on how to get good seats:


Although leaving the line and walking up to the stage worked out for us this time; it was a risky move and I’m not positive it would always work out so nicely. The best way to guarantee good seats is by winning Fan Passes. The Today Show gives away a certain number of fan passes that you can apply to win from the website. However with a popular artist those passes are hard to get.  There is also the option of getting a spot in line very early. Some of the people in the front row had been camping out for over 24-hours! But no matter what time you get there be prepared to wait. You cannot leave to go to the bathroom or get food; if you do you will lose your spot. So be prepared to wait in one spot. So although it seems like of a lot of work just to see a concert it was so worth it, and all the hassle added to the experience!  1005285_688427131173224_1912958237_n 993306_688427031173234_1434482915_n




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