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Cafe du Monde- a New Orleans must

- Christina


From March 23-30, 2013 I traveled with a group called WIT Travel to New Orleans. Two other high schoolers and me planned the trip with the goal of promoting the idea of teenagers everywhere making volunteering part of their travels. I’ve posted a series of blogs talking about each day of the trip, now I am posting some restaurant and attraction reviews. You can find all this, and more accounts from my fellow travelers, at

No trip to New Orleans would be complete without a visit to Cafe du Monde. It’s an icon- and for good reason. Open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, the Cafe is always bustling with people and an army of waiters. Most customers are tourists, but we promise you the Chicory coffee and very powdery beignets make the experience worth it. A beignet is a kind of fancy fried donut, and they are Cafe du Monde’s signature. They make for great dessert, and we actually recommend visiting at night, as the restaurant tends to be a little less crowded then. While you eat, you can enjoy great conversation with friends, or have fun people-watching. No matter what you do there, the Cafe du Monde experience will be a highlight of your New Orleans experience.


Our only complaint was that the beignets could have used more powdered sugar- oh, wait


Chicory coffee late at night might not be the smartest decision, but it sure was a delicious one

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