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Travel Metamorphosis: From Butterflies to Jazz Music

- Sophie

I often wish I could go back to being in kindergarten. No worries, no responsibilities. Today I got to experience that in two different ways. This morning we volunteered at the KIPP McDonogh School of Creative Arts in New Orleans, Louisiana. They were eager to have us there, which always makes a volunteer day worthwhile. We got to watch their school class meetings and I felt they were putting the kids on the path to success, but having fun at the same time. We stuffed snack bags for their LEAP Testing, and I truly hope they do well. Next, we went to the veggie friendly Green Goddess restaurant, my pick that I could not have been happier with. Asian Southern fusion food, unexpected, but it tasted incredible. The location made us feel like we were at a tucked away café in Europe. After lots of walking the streets, we went to the Aquarium. Seeing a sea otter will always make me excited, but in general we were a bit disappointed. And I felt the same way about the Insectarium. I had a realization about growing out of a stage in my childhood. The magic and wonder of seeing the fish, or being in the fake rainforest was gone. But then I realized what I get to appreciate more. Finding a jazz club for our age was not easy, but we ended up at the Palm Court Jazz Club. Now, instead of lighting up with excitement from a monarch butterfly, I get to appreciate the vintage beauty of swing music.


Monarch butterfly at the Audubon Butterfly Garden and Insectarium in New Orleans.





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