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Sun, Sand & Stingrays-Grand Cayman

- Madison

The Island of Grand Cayman is the perfect place for a relaxing beach vacation. The sun was bright and the water was a beautiful blue.  The last week in July my parents and I took a family trip to the Cayman Islands. The vacation started off with a long day of traveling; flying from Newark to Charlotte with a three-hour lay over in Charlotte, then from Charlotte to Grand Cayman. So my parents and I arrived in Grand Cayman safely but unfortunately my luggage did not.  I had planned on not checking my suitcase, and just keeping it as a carry on; but the plane was too full and I was forced to gate-check my bag. This caused my bag to be flown to Cancun, not Grand Cayman. This definitely put a damper on my first day of vacation; I had to buy a bathing suit, and only had one outfit to wear.  However it was not too bad because the beach and the hotel were beautiful. We stayed in the Marriott and it was really nice, right on the beach and beautiful outdoor area including a turtle pond.

I spent a lot of time on the beach during the vacation. The water was warm and the waves were perfect for lying on a raft and relaxing, the hotel had stationary rafts that guests could lounge on.  There was also snorkeling right off the hotel beach. Masks and snorkels could be rented and the reef was right off shore with tons of fish.  There was also a wide range of water sports that could be rented. I did kayaking, which was a lot of fun and it was not hard to do.

During the day I did some of the activities Grand Cayman is most known for including Stingray City.  This is a popular tourist attraction in which you take a boat out to a sand bar where there are dozens of wild stingrays and you get to swim right along side them! I did it with my dad and it was kind of freaky, I was scared they were going to sting me! But it was totally safe and a great experience, the Stingrays were huge! My dad and I visited Stingray City through Tours Cayman, which was great, and there was also a snorkeling stop, the fish and the corals reefs were very pretty.

Grand Cayman is also known for its fish tacos. The world’s best fish tacos are at a restaurant called Sunshine Grill. It is a very small, casual place on the Sunshine Suites property.  The fish tacos were amazing, definitely the best I’ve ever had, and so I have no doubt that they are the best in the world.  For dessert everyone receives a complimentary mini banana flavored ice-cream cone, the perfect tropical dessert to end your meal. The Sunshine Grill is must see in Grand Cayman.

Although the days were always eventful, the nights were different. There were not a lot of people on the island and we were often one of the only people in the restaurants we went to dinner at.  The hotel usually had nighttime activities such as poolside movies or bonfires but they were not well advertised so they remained quiet events.  Grand Cayman was starting their slow season but the island was a little too empty for me.  Even Georgetown, the big city on the island was extremely empty and quiet.

Over all it was a great vacation, with great sun and sand and most definitely beautiful sunsets. While in Grand Cayman I saw some of the most breath-taking sunsets I have ever seen.  And although the lack of people sometimes made things too quiet it was definitely relaxing and laid back.  I really enjoyed my time there and would definitely recommend Grand Cayman, and the Marriott for a  mellow beach vacation.



One of the many beautiful sunsets



Me with a stingray on my back!



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