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Cape Cod Baseball League Hits a Home Run!

- Seamus

BANG! The Wareham Gatemen of the Cape Cod Baseball League blasted a homer to deep right center! The Cape Cod Baseball League is a summer league for college baseball players who want to be a big time MLB player. Some of the famous MLB players have spent summers in Cape Cod playing for a ball club. Most other players in the Cape Cod League usually make it to the minor leagues.  And one of the best parts about the Cape Cod League is all the games are free! The Cape Cod League is run solely from donations from the fans, so nobody in the league gets paid. The games have a very fun atmosphere for people to be around and the games are exciting, too.


Even though the regular games are exciting and enjoyable, the All-Star Game is 10 times the fun. All-Star day includes the Home Run Derby, where Cape Cod’s long-ball launchers showcase and try to hit as many home runs as they can. It also includes autographs from both divisions of all-stars. Even though the festivities are a blast, the game is great, too. You get to see the best of the best face off in a hard fought game me with fans bellowing cheers and jeers. The All-Star game however does cost money, but it’s just to support this wonderful league.


Cape Cod Baseball Leagues is made of five teams in each division and there are two divisions. The teams are spread out geographically from Wareham (before the Cape Cod bridges) and goes as far east as Orleans. If you’re looking for a piece of Cape Cod history, in the basement of the JFK museum in Hyannis is the Cape Cod Baseball League Hall of Fame. It features all of the teams and their memorabilia, including baseball cards and jerseys of some of the greats who stepped onto Cape Cod Baseball League soil.

If you’re ever in Cape Cod, you should definitely catch a game nearest to you. You’ll have a blast! I guarantee it.




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