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Road Trip to All 50 States?!

- Caroline

It sounds impossible and for some simply visiting all 50 states may not happen in their lifetime. However, one bold family, The Martins, were featured on NBC’s Today Show this morning who did just that – planned a road trip to visit ALL 50 states!

The Martin Family of 4 from South Florida took a 13 month road trip covering more than 67,000 miles of USA land! A road trip this intense requires LOTS of planning, the Martins spent 9 months planning for this once in a lifetime trip. See their ‘timeline’ map below.


The parents, Randy and Heidi Martin, took a sabbatical from their day jobs and pulled their son and daughter out of school (only to home school while on the road) in order to pack up the RV and see all of the States. During their road trip through the continental US they visited every state capital, presidential libraries and other historical sites including Mount Rushmore, Liberty Bell and much more. Once in California the Martin’s flew to Hawaii and then sailed to Alaska.


You too can plan such a trip by utilizing as one of your sources. See more photos at Facebook/ThatTripUSA




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