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Lagos, Portugal

- Summer

Hi I’m Summer. I’m from the Pacific northwest in the USA.  About a year ago my parents told me that we were going to be taking a two year trip to Europe where we would buy a camper and start touring. Its been a year now and I’ve been to over 15 different countries.  I’ve started my own blog, am in the process of writing my own book, and have experienced many different cultures.

Lagos, Portugal
Of all the places I’ve been Lagos, Portugal stands out in my mind because I’m a beach girl.  Lagos was unlike any place I’ve ever seen.  The beaches were absolutely breathtaking!
Lagos, Portugal

I learned quickly that you shouldn’t go anywhere in Lagos without a swimsuit under your clothes, because there are beaches everywhere!  The natural arches are stunning and the turquoise water is so clear.  There are even some places you can pay to ride a small boat through the arches.

Lagos, Portugal

Make sure you have many water bottles because some of the beaches and views take a bit of hiking to reach.  Also a camera is a must.  You can’t go anywhere that isn’t worthy of a photo.  One tip though, to find the best secluded smaller beaches ask the locals because they know best where to go.  I loved my time in Lagos it was by far the highlight to my time spent in Portugal.

~ Make sure you have your swimsuit
~ Bring water bottles
~ Have a sarong or towel
~ Bring your camera

Lagos, Portugal




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