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Paragliding, Europe

- Summer

I’ve always had a fascination with paragliding.  So when I had the opportunity to go tandem paragliding
(two person paragliding with a professional) in Croatia, I just HAD to do it!

I went paragliding with Paragliding Tandem Motovun.  It costs 550 Kuna per person, which is about 100
dollars.  You are up in the air for around a half hour.  Also you are in the front of the tandem so you get
to see the whole view.  There are different places you take off from, depending on the wind.

Before you get in the air the professional who steers the paraglider tells you that there is one rule. “Do
everything I say.” Simple enough right?

Paragliding, Europe

The next step is getting into the air.  You have to run as hard as you can with the glider pulling you
backwards till it finally lifts you into the air.  I had to have someone help me because I had a bit of a
harder time.  Once you get into the air you pull yourself into the seat and enjoy the ride.

Here’s the video from my paragliding experience.

Up in the air was beautiful.  I felt so safe too!  At first I was a little shaky and nervous being up so
high.  After relaxing a little bit, I sat back in my seat and had a great time looking around.

Paragliding, Europe

Landing was easier than expected too! The landing was so light and easy I couldn’t believe it.  I definitely
recommend Paragliding Tandem Motovun.  I had a great time and I am looking forward to trying
paragliding again soon!

Paragliding, Europe




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