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Skyzone, a new form of exercise!

- Abby

This summer I discovered an indoor trampoline park called Skyzone. They have locations throughout the United States and Canada. Skyzone in Providence, Rhode Island offers four major trampoline areanas, serveral basketball lanes, and three diving pits. The four major areanas consist of two dodgeball courts, one for events and another for the public, a small trampoline court for toddlers, and a large trampoline court for anyone wanting to jump around. All of these areanas are lined with walls which are also trampolines – so you can literately bounce off the walls. My personal favorite is the regular areana where you can “free style” with front flips.


The dodgeball courts are very popular with boys and teenagers, I am not a fan because I am terrible at dodgeball. However, my brother loves it. The dodgeball court made for events is a little bit larger than the public court. This areana is meant for verything  from birthday parties to major tournaments. The public dodgeball court is fun for all ages. Both courts are completely safe, as they are monitored by staff watching for possible injuries throughout the games.


The diving pits offer a great oppritunity to try out your flips before free styling in the trampoline areana. The pits are three trampolines with a large pit consisting of foam cubes to ensure a soft landing. Getting out of the pit is one of the most simple seeming yet difficult tasks I have ever accomplished. Yes, I enjoyed dragging myself out of foam cubes up to my waist, but after four or five times it becomes quite tiring. My suggestion is to limit your diving throughtout your jumping time to prevent getting too tired.


As a basketball player who is only 5’2″, the basketball lanes offer me an opprotunity I would never got on a real court: a chance to dunk! The lanes are all trampoline tracks with a single hoop at the end. The objective is to jump your way to the basket and attempt to dunk. I have successfully done this three times, and if I can do it anyone can.

I highly suggest that you check out a Skyzone or other trampoline park near you. It is a great form of exercize and is a lot of fun too! Here is a link to their webstie to plan your trip:





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