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Cave of the Winds – Not so much Cave as it is Winds!

- Caroline

Niagara Falls, New York is home to Cave of the Winds – a tourist attraction you won’t want to miss. Cover up with the poncho you get – it’s big and bulky enough to cover you and your backpack – which is the safest place to keep your belonging. The sandals they provide allow you to change out of your shoes (keep them in a plastic bag) and avoid you having to spend the rest of the day squishing in wet socks. Even if you wore flip flops, you might want to wear the sandals anyway because they have straps and you won’t lose your flip flops to the Falls! It does get slippery.


After you change into the poncho and sandals you enter the line to take the elevator down to the level of the Falls. Upon exiting the elevator, a short walk through the tunnel only to come out of the other side right up against the Niagara Falls. Wonderful photo opportunity of the Canadian Falls.


Then a short walk to stairs that allow you to walk up close and personal to the American Falls. Bring your camera, because you’ll want to capture the view from there! If that’s not enough, the “Hurricane Deck” awaits you at the top of the steps. Where you will be faced against the Falls and the slightest gust of wind will get drenched  as if you were in a shower (glad you have the poncho now). This is the only spot you might not be able to scope with your lens because it gets very wet and it can be risky to have your camera or photo in plain view. But you can take an “after” photo shoot to show how soaked you get.





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