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The Flavors of Fall, New England Edition

- Abby

A great New England getaway during the fall is going apple picking. My favorite place to go apple picking is Nashoba Valley Winery in Bolton, Massachuesetts. This specific “winery” offers a variety of things to do such as picking apples or peaches, wine tours and tastings, wedding or other large events, small parties, and shopping at their store. Of course there are always public events that go on depending on the season!


Apple picking has always been my favorite thing to do in the fall. At Nashoba Valley Winery there are many different types of apples to pick (or even peaches) depending on the season. This year we picked Gravestein and Macintosh. There are always workers walking around to help with any questions or directions, for example we asked which apples would be good for a pie.


The beautiful orchard scenary is very common for weddings, and Nashoba provides the best one. Parties are also very popular at Nashoba Valley Winery. This place is perfect for a simple get together. While walking through the store there were plenty of choices to choose from. Even though I could not try the wine, my parents have done a wine tour in the past and said it was wonderful.


Before the season is over I suggest you check out Nashoba Valley Winery! Here is a link to their website




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