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The Restaurant of the Century

- Gabriel


The lights of the city repelled the darkness as my family and I walked down the street in front of a really fancy hotel. We were retracing our steps trying to figure out where the Melba restaurant in Melbourne Australia could possibly be hiding from our sharp eyes. Well, their sharp eyes, my slightly blind eyes! I wasn’t wearing my glasses. It was cold out and all of my family was dressed up in their warmer clothing. I, on the other hand, was dressed in a pair of jeans with a T-shirt and my coat over my shoulder. The day had been pretty hot and I was relishing the cool air. I heard mom conversing with dad saying, “Maybe we should try to ask the person in the hotel.” So we went into this fancy hotel feeling very out of place in the field of suits and fancy dresses. We got to the front desk and asked him where we could find the Melba restaurant. He pointed us to the back of the hotel where we went and when we arrived our mouths almost literally dropped open. Food was placed in a orderly way across the room seafood was through the middle of the room in glass cases with holes in them to get the food out, sushi was on my left, steak and chicken and the like were on my left across the room, and to the left of the there was Asian food. And then our eyes beheld something that made us forget everything else. All the way across the room was the desert table, which had everything you could think of as a desert. Towering above the table was a fountain, but this wasn’t any ordinary fountain, this was a chocolate fountain. I have only seen one in my life, this being the second, the first being in Indiana at a huge buffet where we ate with our godparents.


We were given a table near the stairs into the place where everyone eats and we sat there a moment until we had pulled ourselves together enough not to be gaping at everything. Soon the time came when we decided it was time we got some food and we all went up into the food court together. After a bit of time we were all sitting at the table again with our food waiting for dad to finish taking photos so we could dig in, and the moment he had finished, we did.


That night I ate:

Plate #1: NZ green lipped mussles, cheese, bread and three slices of beef steak

Plate #2 Tuna, and salmon sashimi, squid sushi

Plate #3 clams, cheese, bread, beef, smoked salmon

Plate #4 2 chocolate cakes, a “smurf head” (blue creme in a tiny pastry cup) cheese cake

Plate #5 Ice cream, and what looked like half a kilo of Haribo gummies, marshmallows dipped in the chocolate fountain.

Plate #6 Sushi: king fish, salmon, tuna and an eel roll

Ya, I know what you are thinking… “PIG!” But if you had been a starving man and been given a HUGE feast, what would you do? Right! Eat! So why did I eat that much? Well, I wasn’t starving, so I was a pigJ


The Melba restaurant is a good place to go if you want to have a really nice dinner. Although I would probably never pay for something like that myself unless I was just in from the sea and really wanting a land type of food, I would recommend it for people who wanted to do it once or maybe twice. It is very good and clean, the people are nice, and even though you will feel out of place at first, that goes away when you see a kid walk by with a gummy hanging out of his mouth. Yes, true story.





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