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Skating in the Spotlight

- Gabriel


I haven’t been ice-skating since Singapore, which was not actually ice-skating seeing as it was on plastic, not ice, so when I first put on my skates and started out onto the newly frozen ice I was about as steady as a boat in heavy storm. I am also very top heavy, standing over six feet tall, and when I am balancing on two little bars of metal about as thick as a knifes edge I have a slight bit of trouble staying steady. Then I was told to move forward on the ice because I was blocking the way, the trouble was I had forgotten how. I looked like some of the other people there, trying to walk on the ice, which of course did not work, being as it was ice and not ground. Then I remembered something that my grandma told me when I was very young, push with the sides of your feet, don’t try to walk, so I tried that, and suddenly I was moving forward. It was a strange sensation to be moving forward while pushing my feet off to the sides and back, but soon I was getting more confident. First I focused on ability and then I focused on speed.

At one point I saw a guy speed by me with his had behind his back, as if he was at a ball, so I tried it. At first it was really hard, but soon I was able to balance with just one hand and hold the other behind my back, and it seemed to feel more natural and easy. For two whole hours I skated through the crowds of people, underneath the blue and purple lights, flowing through the music that played. It felt like I was unstoppable, unbeatable.


The Melborne ice rink would be a great place for kids of all ages, they even have little plastic seals for the little kids to sit on while the parents push them. The people who do tricks and stuff mostly keep to the middle of the rink while those who don’t know what they are doing go around the sides. Free lessons are available for people who don’t know how to skate but want to learn how. For people who don’t really want to take that time and instead spend it with their families there are plastic seals or metal frames to stabilize you while you are going around the rink. Probably my favorite thing about the rink is the fact that they play music, music can help some people because it has rhythm, which means they get swept up in it and can flow along it, which I really enjoyed.

I believe the Melbourne, Australia, Icehouse is a good place for a family outing for the day. The staff was helpful and kind and everyone there was nice to each other and helped people who had fallen down. It was a spectacular way to spend a few hours and everyone in our family had a blast. Check out their website!




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