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Lake Bled, Slovenia Cream Cake Festival

- Summer

Lake Bled 60th Annual Cream Cake Festival

Today I was fortunate enough to be at the 60th annual cream cake festival of Lake Bled in Slovenia.  My family and I walked to the festival on the trail along the lake.  I’ve heard several times how beautiful the lake is.  But no matter what you hear Lake Bled will be even better than you think! It’s fall so it was really chilly, however that means all the leaves were turning so it was even more spectacular.

The trail around the whole lake is around four miles, you get  lots of different perspectives and is well  worth the walk.

Lake Bled

We arrived early to the festival to make sure we got seats in the hotel patio.  It was a good thing that we did too.  There were so many people crowded outside by the time it was three pm I was really surprised.  We ordered two vegetable baguettes, hot chocolate, and of course our cream cakes.

The four of us split the baguettes in half, and it was DELICIOUS!  There were huge slabs of eggplant, mozzarella, tomatoes, mixed greens, and a little truffle oil.  The baguettes were only about five euro.  The hot chocolate was like liquid mousse.  It was so good I couldn’t believe they only charged two euro and fifty cents for so much amazing hot chocolate.

The band Muff started playing and we all just sat there enjoying our food and soaking it all in.  That’s when our cream cakes came!  Two traditional and two berry.  One bite and I knew instantly what all the fuss was about.  It was so light and fluffy with amazing flavors too.  If I wasn’t completely happy already I was then!  There was also a dance group that performed a few times too.

Lake Bled Cream Cake

As soon as we got home I started searching about the history of the cream cake.  It was really interesting too.  Who knew?  The Bled cream cake was created by Ištvan Lukačević in around 1953.  He and his family moved to Bled and he took the job of head pastry chef of the hotel.  The recipe is based of a recipe from Vojvodina.  The recipe was passed on since then.  The hotel still strives to use only natural ingredients and make the cream cakes daily so they are always perfect.  Today was the day they made the twelfth million cream cake.  Incredible!

If you ever find yourself in Bled Slovenia make sure that you get the chance to try one of these famous cream cakes.  You will be glad you did!

Lake Bled






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