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San Diego Series: An Introduction

- Christina

I suppose that since it’s been six months since my weeklong trip to New Orleans, it’s time to lay the Crescent City blogs to rest (at least until I return someday)

There’s no worries about a shortage of material, though- I happen to be a native of one of the best vacation spots in America: San Diego, California.

We’re the smaller, better, cleaner, more laid back version of LA. All of the sun, less of the traffic (although its still pretty bad)


Here are some of the top things to know about it:

-San Diego is less of a city and more of a collection of communities connected by a freeway system. Our downtown is pretty small compared to other cities, and there’s so much to see beyond it (although it’s still awesome). Public transportation is kind of rough, and so if you’re visiting I recommend a rental car.

-Mexican food is an obvious strong point here, and there are few places where you can go wrong. There’s actually a pretty large Vietnamese community here too, so Pho is also a fun option. Sushi places tend to be super popular and delicious as well.

-The San Diego Zoo (and the rest of Balboa Park) is probably the kind of thing parents get more excited about than teens. I guarantee you that they are fun. SeaWorld might feel a little young, though.

-If you’re here on a weekend, two less touristy things to do are sample a farmers’ market (there are a lot, I’ve heard Hillcrest, Little Italy, and Ocean Beach (OB) are the best) Also, for active people, there’s almost always some sort of 5k, half marathon, obstacle run, triathlon, or some other fitness event.

-For shopping, Fashion Valley has the greatest selection of stores. If you’re eating there, I really recommend True Food Kitchen. It’s all organic, local, vegan style fare (I’m not vegan by any means and I love it).

-Summer is always the high point of the tourist season, but I think that fall is when we are at our best. June gloom tends to overstay its welcome, so many July tourists are unhappily surprised by gray, muggy skies. September, though, is dependably sunny, clear and warm. October and November are beautiful, too (although occasionally fire season puts a damper on things)

Hopefully San Diego will come to mind when you and your family  are trying to pick a spot for your next vacation. If you have any questions, feel free to ask me in the comments!

My name is Christina, and I’m a 17 year old girl living in San Diego. I love traveling and any kind of adventure. When not traveling or writing about places I’ve been, you can find me at school, cross country/soccer/track practice, reading, or with friends. 




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