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Exploring Plymouth Massachusetts, America’s Hometown

- Abby

This past summer I had the chance to spend a perfect late summer afternoon in Plymouth, MA. Many people only know that the pilgrims came to plymouth on their journey to America. However, what they don’t know is that there is so much more to do than receive a history lesson. While many tourists visit this seaside town to see Plymouth Rock, spending the day on the water, visiting the Mayflower II, or Plimoth Plantation, locals like me enjoy the opportunity to walk along beach, have a great meal, shoppping in the small shops, and to relax and enjoy the outdoors. Even our dog Brady got to come along.


Taking a walk along the waterfront:

One of my family’s favorite things to do is spend time outside. There are many different walking paths in Plymouth. I personally love walking along the water with my dog. We watch the boats and ferries come in and go out with lots of tourists. There is also a lot of people playing music along the walking paths and near the restaurants, and they are very talented! To me, nothing is more relaxing than sitting and walking along the water.

pligrim bell


Like many towns in New England, small shops line the streets with everything from sweatshirts to new toys for little kids. I love to look in the candy shops and bakeries that give off delicious scents that you can smell down the streets. While I was in Plymouth I bought a pair of sweatpants that say “Plymouth” down the pant leg. Many of the tourists like to buy the classic lifeguard sweatshirts, or beach towels.


In Plymouth there is a wide variety of restaurants to choose from. There are the bars and grills along the waterfront, amazing crab and lobster shacks, and classy hotel restaurants. You can always find something to eat in Plymouth because there are at least two restaurants on every street!


The History:

When I was in elementary school we would always go to Plimouth Plantation for class field trips. In case you have not noticed, there are many different ways to spell Plymouth (I have no idea why). Anyways, I have seen every possible historical site in Plymouth and I would like to say that they are all very interesting no matter how many times you see them. Some of these historical sites include the Wampanoag Homesite, the Mayflower II, a 17th century english village, a craft center, and even a cinema. I have always been interested in the english village because it makes me feel like I have traveled back in time. Everything is so realistic and full of details.

Plimoth Plantation, Plymouth, Massachusetts Click here to order prints.

I hope you plan your visit to Plymouth Massachusetts! Here are some links for the different activities:

Home page:

Historical sites:

Regular activities:

Photos courtesy of Plimouth Plantation and Desitnation Plymouth County’s websites!





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