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Adventures in Guatemala

- Alex

One of my favorite quotes is that one by St. Augustine where he said, “the world is a book and those who do not travel read only a page.” So here I am, getting ready to turn that metaphorical page again. Even though I’ve been traveling around the country and the world more or less since I was born, I’ve never gone at it solo before. I embark on my three week ‘Spanish acquisition and research trip’ to Quetzaltenango, Guatemala tomorrow morning. So really, I’m not just turning a page, it’s more like turning to the next chapter…Book 2…the second half….you know.


Thus far I have effectively: not packed yet, gotten myself anxious about flight times, airport pickups, long treacherous bus rides, homestays, my sub-par Spanish speaking abilities (¡oh dios mío!) and the ever-pervading question: will I make friends!? Studying at the Proyecto Linguistica Quetzalteco de Espanol in the beautiful city of Quetzaltenango, it is my goal over the next three weeks to not only be immersed in the language but also experience the true realities of the culture and the natural wonders the country has to offer. It’s the biggest adventure I’ve ever taken thus far in my life (yes, even bigger than driving 15 hours down to Tennessee with a mom-van full of 20-year olds and even bigger than a week-long trip to a orphanage in the Dominican Republic)…and I’m ready to start turning those pages.





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