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Finding Your Holiday Spirit

- Abby

My favorite time of year has always been around Christmas. It’s when you get to feel like a kid again, and everyone is happy! However, as this season approaches there are not many things for teenagers to do around this time that isn’t “childish” or on the opposite side of the scale “you’re not old enough”. I have been searching around New England to find things for my friends and I to do that is appropriate for our age and still fun. Here are five of the interesting and festive things we have been busy with!

Festivals of Light:

A popular place since I was a child is known as La Salette where they have a Christmas Festival of Lights. I have done a post about this in the past but it is very popular among teenagers, or at least it is where I live. La Salette or any place with Christmas lights and hot chocolate has always been fun to visit with a group of friends. You can walk around and enjoy the Christmas spirit, listen to Christmas music, and of course enjoy cookies and hot chocolate!

Ice skating:

Even though this of course is “fun for the whole family” you can still enjoy the basic winter time activities! Many ice rinks offer a “Teens Skate Night” where the only people on the ice are from 13 to 18 years old. This is much more enjoyable because the majority of the people on the ice with you know how to skate and won’t get in your way! Boston (Frog Pond at Boston Public Gardens where the Swan Boats are in the summer) and Providence (Bank of America rink at Kennedy Plaza) both offer outdoor skating rinks, and many towns have ponds for skating. Pond hockey has always been popular in my town, and it is actually a lot of fun. Doing these types of activities with groups of friends or your boyfriend/girlfriend can be an easy way to have fun and get in the holiday spirit!

Planning a holiday party:

I have been throwing a Christmas party with all of my friends for two years now, and it has been something I look forward to more every year! Inviting a few friends over and watching old Christmas movies, drinking hot chocolate, and baking holiday sweets is one of the greatest things about Christmas time. For the girls, baking Christmas cookies is always a good time. For the boys, having a snowball fight or going snow tubing are some of my brother’s favorite things.  Nashoba Valley in western Massachusetts offers some great tubing runs.



To me, the holiday season is the best time to give back to your community. I don’t mean the usual community service like cleaning up parks or shoveling snow (both are fine just very simple). My friends and I like to help out with events in school like holiday dances/parites, food drives, and Christmas Bazaars. I personally love to entertain, so this year I volunteered at a Christmas Bazaar for kids and helped out at the games area and craft table. Easy volunteer work like this can really help out your community, and what better time than Christmas time when everyone should have fun!


Decorating seems to be a tradtition in my family. I will usually go out with my parents and find a tree that has the perfect branches for decorating with ornaments. Handmade ornaments are a great inexpensive item to purchase at the annual Boston Christmas Festival at the World Trade Center or even at a local Christmas Tree Shop.  This year, my friends are coming over my house to decorate our tree, and of course decorate my room. Even though decorating is noramally “too girly” for the boys, bringing out snacks and Christmas music will help the boys get in the spirit!

Here are some links if you are planning on doing these fun activities!

*all photos were found on google images*




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