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Andalusia, Spain

- Summer

Throughout our family’s travel we’ve seen many cultures.  I have to say that Andalusia Spain was one of my favorites.  I’ve learned Spanish in school since I was in kindergarten so when we arrived in Spain and I was actually able to read signs and understand people!
Andalusia, Spain
Everywhere in Andalusia is beautiful.  Stunning sugar cube villages perched on the hills.  Avocado, orange, and pomegranate trees in the fields and lining the streets.  Amazing patterned cobblestone streets that lined the villages.  Everything about Andalusia will draw you in.

Andalusia, Spain

While in Andalusia we visited many different villages and cities, they each had the same charm but their own specialness as well.  Spain has lots of stunning nature walks everywhere that everyone would enjoy.  Also the people were very kind and helpful.  The food in Andalusia was spectacular as well.  Tapas is a MUST try.  Olives, baguettes, cheese, olive oil, and of course lots of fresh produce from the farms.

Andalusia, Spain

One of the nice things about Spain is the temperature.  I love warm weather so Spain is perfect for cold months.  On weekends we would sometimes drive down to the beach and lie in the sun listening to the Mediterranean sea.
Andalusia, Spain
Sometimes people ask me what my favorite part of Spain was.   But honestly I don’t have a favorite. All aspects of Spain together made it was everything together that just made it all so special.  It was such a completely different culture to what I was used to, and I loved it.  I would go back to Andalusia in a heartbeat.  It’s just one of those places that should be on everyone’s bucket list.

Andalusia, Spain




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