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Food on the Water

- Briza

By far the best thing on my family’s Disney cruise had to be the food! I had never had gourmet food that actually filled me up before. I am a very picky eater and the waiters knew exactly what to serve me and my family by the second night on the cruise. On the ship, the waiters follow your family from restaurant to restaurant to always be your servers so they know what you like or don’t. They knew me by the first night and recommended dishes to me along our voyage.
disney 138
One thing I absolutely loved was that there was no shortage of Mickey Bars onboard. They were amazing!
disney 345
Pasta and seafood were my family’s favorites and the lobster tail was to die for! We did eat a lot but we also did a lot of walking up and down the stairs and at the ports, so we wouldn’t pack on the pounds.

disney 515
There were also no limits as to how many plates you could order. My mother could not decide between two of the entrees, so the waiter surprised her with both, much to her embarrassment. Room service is also included, free of charge, which is a nice perk. However, we never tried it because the main dinners were very satisfying.
My favorite dish was the Steak and the William Potato and for desert it included a Mickey Bar and a Lava Cake.
Don’t hold back on trying new things, you just might be surprised you will like it in the end!




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