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Tumbled at the Water Park

- Caroline

I’m a big fan of indoor water parks – any water park really, but with the winter weather approaching fast my only option living up north are INDOOR water parks. Over the weekend, my family and I got our sliding on in Erie, PA at Splash Lagoon. We haven’t been to that particular indoor water park for a few years, so we were pleasantly surprised when they had a new attraction – an Aqua Tumbler. It was a bonus to read the sign that indicating this was ONLY attraction of its kind around.. (a cleaver water shape pun there).


The Aqua Tumbler looks like a human size beach ball – except with an open center. That’s where guests climb in during the 90 second ride. The lifeguard flips a switch to start the ball spinning and the water flowing. It reminded us of a life size washing machine, where the person is the clothes getting tossed around. It was fun to watch everyone try to run while the ball spun and eventually slip on the water and fall for the remainder of the ride. The gift shop sold T-shirts saying “I have survived the Aqua Tumbler” and other souvenirs to feature the new thrill ride.



I would not recommend this attraction to those who get claustrophobic, or who get nervous around water. Even though it’s very different than being in a pool. It is also physically consuming as you run while the ball is in motion (or you fall and continue to slide around). Either way, it was entertaining to watch others be tumbled. Most people had a big smile on their face after the ride was over and were laughing at themselves. If you’re looking for a new water thrill, I would check out the one and only aqua tumbler.




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