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Dolphin Encounter in Cabo

- Briza

When we arrived at the Port at Cabo San Lucas, my mom decided to surprise us with an excursion of swimming with dolphins. I never imagined myself swimming and having fun with a marine mammal. It was awesome!

disney 391

The place was called Cabo Dolphins. The location is within walking distance of the port and very clean and safe. At our arrival, a locker was given to us so we could store our belongings. While we were waiting our turn, we were able to take pictures with their beautiful parrots right outside the dolphin aquarium.

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Once we were called for our “appointment” with our dolphin, we met Aqua. She was energetic, strong, and was an intelligent dolphin. She performed for us and showed us a few of her tricks. Then, she pulled us with her dorsal fin with the option of riding on her back or on her tummy! Afterwards, we fed Aqua some fish, which she devoured. They are such gentle creatures! At the end, we paid for our picture with Aqua. The one negative thing about this place is that after you pay so much money for this excursion, you have to buy their picture if you want any photos of this experience. There was a viewing area for the spectators not participating, this is where my mom hung out baking in the hot sun. She took out her camera and was told that she would get it taken away if she didn’t put it back in her bag. (They are very strict about this.)

dolphin picture 001

Overall, this was such a magical experience, I really enjoyed myself. This is one of those unforgettable experiences my family still talks about today. I definitely recommend this to anybody, this is something you don’t want to miss out on.




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