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Motovun, Croatia

- Summer

Throughout my travels I have found that I am most drawn to the small villages and towns rather than the big hustle and bustle cities. So when I spent two months living at the base of Motovun in Croatia, I loved it. It’s a small village that reminds me of a mix between sugar cube villages in Spain and Tourrettes-Sur-Loup in France.

Motovun, Croatia

It’s a 1.2 km hike up to the village on the main road. There are small shops selling ice cream, produce, and truffles everywhere. Motovun is more touristy than some of the other small villages in the Istrian region. However that doesn’t mean that it is crowded.

Motovun, Croatia

Motovun is the place to try truffles. The famously addictive mushroom is found in the fields and woods of the area. So if you want to go truffle tasting, Motovun is the place. There are so many free truffle, honey, and olive oil tasting places you can’t go wrong. All the people are so friendly and more often than not people speak English. During the day, walking around Motovun you can sometimes see paragliders in the sky. I’m proud to say I tried paragliding and liked it!

Motovun, Croatia

At sunrise I sometimes like to hike up to the village and look around. It’s always breathtakingly beautiful to watch the sunrise make the villages and hills glow and to walk around the wall surrounding the town.

Motovun, Croatia

I can’t say enough how much I loved Motovun. I met so many people there who shared Croatian history and traditional recipes; some of them we even keep in contact with today. Motovun is one of those places that people might not think about when visiting Croatia but as soon as you see the village when you drive up it’ll have you hooked. I look forward to visiting Motovun again in the future, and I hope you will too.

Motovun, Croatia




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