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Zip-lining Over the Gold Country

- Briza

Zip-lining for free on your birthday is the best thing ever! We did this day trip to the Gold Country, otherwise known as Murphys, California, and took a detour on a whim. We didn’t know what to expect but found it to be the highlight of the day.

I had gone zip-lining once already, so this was my second time. I had the choice of riding in a sitting down position or riding Superman style. Of course, I chose Superman (my little sister wanted to do this one, but since she weighed less than the required amount, she had to ride with my dad). Superman is like laying on your belly and floating in the air. It feels amazing! But on this day it happened to be raining, so as we were flying through the air, the rain was pounding in our faces. It was still fun, but not as enjoyable.
They are open year round, even on the holidays. You can add onto your experience by having a guided tour down into the caverns. They give you an option to repel down into the caverns, which seems really neat. However, we were just there to zip-line on this occasion.They have a gift shop that had lots of cool gems and other merchandise. I would definitely recommend to anyone to come and zip-line over the beautiful, breath-taking view below. It issomething I look forward to doing again next year on my birthday.




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