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Chocolate on the Bay

- Briza

When most people hear “San Francisco” they immediately think about the Golden Gate bridge, Chinatown, or trolleys. But when I hear San Francisco I think “Let’s go to Ghirardelli!”



San Francisco is home to Ghirardelli, the famous chocolate factory. You may have already tried their Ghirardelli Squares that are just as delicious as everything else they have in their shop. One of the many things I love about this place are the sundaes they make. They have everything from Hot Fudge to Peanut Butter Sundaes. They also give out free samples of chocolates as soon as you enter, which is okay in my book. This is the ultimate Chocolate Shop.

This place is known as the Ghirardelli Square. I have to encourage everyone that goes to San Francisco to swing by. You won’t regret it! Just one of the many things to do in San Francisco.




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