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Travel Rules(!)

- Anna

 Hallo there!
My name is Anna, and I’m a new blogger on TTT. In my 18 years on this grand planet, I’ve been to over 39/50 states, 25/195 countries, and 5/6 continents (for the sake of this blog I don’t count Antarctica, since I have absolutely no desire to EVER go there, no matter the amount of cute animals/money they pay me.)
Because I travel so often, I’ve developed a “travel rule book” of sorts. Each one has a story behind it, which of course I will share with you. And since I continue to travel, the list is never ending. So, continue to read TTT, and I will keep sharing my travel rules, so long as our SUPER-AMAZING-AND-AWESOME-EDITOR (she really is!) keeps it going.
traveling can lead to cool GIANT cupcakes!!!! #thatcupcakethough
Traveling can lead to cool things…like GIANT cupcakes!!!! #thatcupcakethough
Without further ado, here are the table of contents (I’m only putting my top ten for now, or else this is gonna be a REALLY long post)!
Anna’s Travel Rules:
1. Travel often.
2. Traveling with family can be fun.
3. In response to #2, sometimes you need a break.
4. School trips are awesome.
5. Be a local.
6. Take lots of pictures, just don’t be a tacky tourist.
7. Create Stories.
8. Make playlists.
9. Make new friends.
10. Let it go.
I hope y’all join me on this adventure. :)



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