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Hit the ski slopes with this advice

- Caroline

My new years resolution was to master skiing (well okay, it was to try skiing). One month in and I can confidently say it has been accomplished! (How many of YOU can say you have accomplished your new years resolution?) With the winter blues approaching many of us, or maybe it’s been hanging out with you for days, I thought I’d encourage even the new-beis to try skiing. It’s a great way to enjoy the snowfall and be outside even during these colder winter months.


However, if you have never gone skiing before, here are a few helpful hints to take with you before you go:

  1. Dress in layers. Ogres have layers and skiers have layers. It gets cold when you’re outside in the middle of winter! But you’ll also get wet from the snow. But, to add more confusion, if you’re skiing in the middle of the day while the sun is out you might get HOT. You’ll be happy if you have the option to remove a jacket, sweatshirt, etc and leave it in the cabin if the sun peaks out.
  2. You will fall. I don’t mean this in the poetic sense where we all fall at one time or another. I mean this in the most literal sense, you are going to fall down on your butt (let’s hope it’s your butt, because I fell on my face and the butt is actually better). It’s okay! Because EVERYONE falls or has fallen or will fall, so it’s nothing to be embarrassed about or ashamed of. Other skiers will ski around you and you can pick yourself up – which is the hardest part about falling, again in the literal sense – and continue down the slope.
  3. It’s all in the hips. If you’ve been watching the Olympics, you know those guys make skiing look so easy. The truth is, it’s not. I was surprised how out of breath I was from (what I thought was just) sliding down a hill. It takes practice, patients, and persistence to being a professional skier. To become a not-so professional skier, it’ll take a little of that as well. But if you remember that your hips lead you – NOT your arms or poles – you’ll have a better chance getting into the groove.
  4. Ski lodge counts. I would recommend everyone to at least try to ski, if I can learn it, so can you! But if you’re not up to, why not join your friends for a day trip skiing and enjoy the hot chocolate and warm atmosphere of the ski lodge? Some have a window view of the slopes and you can enjoy skiing from the inside. It counts as skiing, right? We won’t tell anyone at least.





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