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Fort Bragg, California

- Briza

California has so many things to offer, but there is a hidden gem called Fort Bragg. This little city was our mini-weekend getaway during our fall break. I loved the atmosphere of this town, there was a mix of fresh air from the pine trees and the salty ocean mist that made this place even better. On our trip, we rode the Skunk Train, visited the Sea Glass Beach, and saw some furry friends along the way.


The Skunk Train is an attraction that gives those who ride the train, a scenic view of the Redwood Forest and much more. My family and I were able to go in the outdoor cart and it was beautiful. The train passed by small streams and rivers and it made me appreciate everything about nature. Unfortunately, during our visit, our train ride had to be shortened due to a tunnel collapsing a few weeks earlier. However, the 45 minutes that we rode the train were still enjoyable!



Next, my family and I headed out to the famous Sea Glass Beach. Honestly, the beach was not what I expected. There was not that much sea glass left because every visitor likes to take their own as a souvenir, but it was still pretty. There were lots of seaweed all around, that kind of made it hard to find the sea glass. This was definitely a beautiful experience though.



Once we started heading back to our car, my mother spotted a deer and started taking pictures. They were absolutely majestic. There was actually a doe and her two children, they looked like they were used to humans because despite all the noise we were making, they did not acknowledge us.



Fort Bragg was something different for our family. I would highly recommend this place to anyone who loves nature and is in Northern California. There were so many picture opportunities, I wish we could have stayed longer.




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