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 I was fortunate to spend three full months in Gibraltar a while ago. I can’t say enough what an experience it was.  I have met several people throughout my travels who also have spent some time in Gibraltar and absolutely hated it there.  But Gibraltar IS an amazing place, you just have to know what to do.  By spending three straight months on one tiny peninsula, you learn all the best things to do.  

Marina in Gibraltar


 Gibraltar is interesting; although it is a peninsula off Spain it is actually British territory and has been British longer than it ever belonged to Spain.  However, it is a self governing.  So you will quickly find a lot of British influences while walking around such as red telephone booths, double decker buses, and lots of British food favorites.  Most restaurants serve fish and chips with mushy peas which is of course, a British favorite.  Trying these foods are a must in Gibraltar — you have to try the local favorites!  The grocery stores also have a lot of British influence with digestives (an addictive cracker that go with tea) and Indian food (due to when India was under British control).  Now you can get takeaway Indian food in most stores and it is delicious!



The monkeys in Gibraltar are an icon by now.  They will come down into town sometimes and you can almost always see them on the rock of Gibraltar.  The monkeys that come into town tend to be a little more aggressive, but monkeys on the rock are fun to watch.  If you hold out both arms with fists closed and faced up, most monkeys will open your hands to see what is inside.  While they are fun to have jump on your back and open your hands, keep in mind they still are wild animals.  Make sure never to feed the monkeys because as soon as you do they will start getting into your backpacks and purses looking for more food.  The monkeys are a great photo opportunity and will liven up your Gibraltar experience even more.

Monkey on the rock of Gibraltar

Gibraltar monkeys

 The Rock of Gibraltar

The Mediterranean steps are a hike up to the top of the Rock of Gibraltar where there is a restaurant as well as some great views.  You can see Tangier in the distance when it’s not too cloudy.  You can also say you stood on one of the pillars of Hercules (Gibraltar) and you can see the other ‘pillar’ off in the distance.  Also on the hike up or down to the top, if you stop and look into the coves at the bottom you can sometimes see playful dolphins swimming around.  Also take a tour through the Gibraltar siege tunnels, it’s amazing the history you will learn!

 Seige tunnels Gibraltar

The dolphin tours

 Another must in Gibraltar are the dolphin tours.  It is so much fun to go out into the Mediterranean and have the chance to sail beside dolphins or in some cases whales.  Don’t be disappointed if you don’t see any though; on the boat you can see another side of Gibraltar from sea and it is amazing as well as beautiful.

Rock of Gibraltar

 I really loved my time in Gibraltar. From monkeys to mushy peas, it was truly an amazing experience.  If you get the chance to go to Gibraltar make sure you take it since it is a unique place that you will always remember and there really are a lot of things to do and enjoy. 




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