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A City Split in Half (Part I)

- Briza

Lake Tahoe, California/Nevada. Why do I add the slash? This city is between the state lines and is owned by both states.


But what makes this city even more beautiful and what makes my family keep coming back? Is it the beach, the bike trail, the bears, or the campsites? Answer: All of the above!

My family and I always like to go to Lake Tahoe for several reasons, mostly because you can never get bored– there is always something new to do. For a few of our trips we have gone bike riding and encountered a few wild friends along the way. Back in October of 2013, we rented some bicycles and started riding on the trail. Since the trail is near the main road, a lady that was stopped on the side of the road was yelling at us, “There’s a bear around there! Bear! Bear! Be careful!” Of course, my dad and I started to get mixed feelings about coming across this bear. We kept riding but at a slower pace careful to look around, when all of a sudden we see this big heap of fur walking across the bike path. At  that moment, only my dad and I were there, no one else. My dad started recording to capture the memories and we slowly backed away from it. I was frightened but at the same time stunned because this bear was a cub and it was lost and it was calling for its mom. I felt compassion for this poor little creature that was trying to find his way home. It was a beautiful experience getting to see this bear. After about 5 minutes the bear crept back into the forest and we quickly rode our way back to our car to tell the rest of my family what we witnessed. It was a magical moment seeing the bear in its element, this is something I will never forget.

On one of our other trips to Lake Tahoe,  we headed out towards Pope Beach, which is located in the southern part of Lake Tahoe. This is the perfect beach for families with shallow water, lots of sand, and picnic tables with grills. We stayed here for the rest of the day and enjoyed the atmosphere of the amazing view of the mountains along with the warm beach. When we went (in July) there were ants on the sand, but they were more towards the parking lot so they didn’t bother much. I would also recommend to bring some bug spray because the mosquitoes there can end up biting you.



Lake Tahoe is a beautiful place to embrace the nature there by hiking, bike riding, going to the beach, or just simply walking around this city. This is a place where you don’t want to forget your camera, there is such incredible, breath-taking scenery all around, there are many picture opportunities. If you are in the area, I would definitely recommend this city to everyone and anyone.





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