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Granada, Spain

- Summer

Is there anything better than a city with loads of history, amazing restaurants, and lots of culture?  That is Granada, I have spent quite a bit of time in Granada and absolutely adored it.  There are several “must trys” I have found in Granada to help your experience. One that is not to be missed, experiencing the culture! The culture is a big piece of Granada.   Downtown Granada


 Before your trip I highly recommend you make reservations for Jardines de Zoraya an AMAZING place for dinner and a flamenco show.  The food is delicious; a four-course meal from whichever menu you choose.  Then you get to watch the beautiful and eye-catching flamenco show.  There is guitar, singing, clapping, and dancing.  Flamenco is a big part of Spanish culture and is not to be missed. 

Flamenco Granada Spain

Eating out Granada Spain

Guitar makers (Ferrer) 

In Granada guitar making is another big part of the culture. Handmade guitars can be found in the old town. The name of these shops (in Spanish) is usually “Ferrer”.  It is amazing to see the hard work put into these guitars.

Guitar Maker Granada Spain

The Alhambra

 The Alhambra is THE thing most people think of when they hear ‘Granada’.  The Alhambra is a huge place itself, and the gardens are too.  But make sure you buy tickets before going, it is very visited and you need to ensure you can get in. 

The Alambra Spain

Street Performers

There are lots of street performers in Granada in squares and parks.  It’s fun to stop to enjoy the music and performers. Fair warning: these performers might come up to you to give you a sprig. If they do that, they are expecting a tip. They can be rather aggressive. I suggest simply walking away.

Pomegranate street Granada Spain

Wandering Around

As usual the best way to experience any place is simply wandering around to see the places off the beaten path.  There are so many beautiful streets and nice views.  Wandering around Granada is something that you have to make time for even if just an hour.  There are small leather shops that you can see, dresses, and glass lamps.  

Small shops Granada Spain

Granada is a must see place in Spain.  You will enjoy every second, with so much to learn, see, and watch.  Make sure that you stop by during your time in Spain!

Wandering around Granada Spain




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