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Pinterest: Packing Made Easier

- Briza

What’s Pinterest you ask? Pinterest is another type of social media that helps people share ideas or share their interests with others by “re-pinning” or “liking” pictures. But there is much more to Pinterest than simply getting ideas on crafts or parties, and what not, Pinterest also makes packing a lot easier. How?

Recently, my family and I went on a cruise and about two weeks before our trip I searched on Pinterest “packing tips”. By simply typing those words in, I received several tips that made it possible for my family to only have to take one luggage per person. For instance, I learned that rolling up your outfits helps maximize all of the space available in your luggage.


Another tip that saved my family from carrying an extra suitcase just for shoes was to stick our shoes in a shower cap and stick them in our luggage.


Another tip to prevent your beauty products to spill, you should try to use cling wrap or anything plastic and take off the lid of the product. Next, you should lay the piece of plastic on it, as shown. Lastly, you would secure the lid back. This is perfect for perfume, shampoo, etc. No one wants their shampoo to spill all over their clothes and spoil them. This is the perfect alternative.


These are just a few of my favorite packing tips I’ve found on Pinterest that really have helped me personally. But I am pleased to announce that Teen Travel Talk now has an official Pinterest account! The link is here. Follow us on Pinterest!







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