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¡Bienvenido a Guatemala!

- Alex

Hola mi familia y mis amigos. I have safely made it to Guatemala after what felt like the longest day of traveling in my life (no lie, I fell asleep at 8PM…completely unheard of for a college student!). With only a little more than 24 hours of getting to know the country under my belt I’m a little overwhelmed thus far. I like to make lists so here are the last 24 hours in list form.

-Traveler’s tip: You would think that after many years of traveling I would learn to pack light, right? I should have taken my own advice and not brought my biggest suitcase. Bad move, Alex. Not only did you embarass yourself in front of everyone who laid eyes on the monstrosity that is your maleta, but you had to lug it around bus stations and hostels. My advice to the world: pack light. Also, hostels are your best friend. Four american dollars a night? I’ll take it!

-Some observations of the city I’m staying in, Xela: The city has much more of a European feel than the capital city of Guatemala and definitely feels safe and manageable. The locals seem friendly and don’t seem to mind my butchered Spanish. After classes today, I took a walk around el Parque Central, which is one of the centers of the city. There is a beautiful church, and a lot of colonial-era looking architecture. Es super bonita.

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-The school I will be attending, the Proyecto LingÜistica de Espanol, already feels like home. The teachers are wonderful, the staff is very helpful, and the students all seem interesting and willing to talk. I ran into a few in the marketplace and all were friendly and willing to sit down and have a chocolate caliente with me. The school organizes daily afternoon activities and weekend trips. So I will be kept pretty busy during my weekdays, and hopefully can find some travel buddies for the two weekends I will be here for.

I suppose that my future blogs will be less update-y and más específica, but I just wanted to let all of you know who are following this that I´m safe, happy, and having an interesting time thus far. I had a lot of anxiety leading up to this trip and a lot of  “why the heck am I doing this?” type of moments, but my mom was able to give me some helpful advice. She said that some of the best trips were the unexpected ones, the ones where you questioned your sanity a little bit and questioned why you decided to take on this or that adventure. (Thanks mom!)

I’ve written long enough and I´m actually on my way to a salsa class with a few of the other students. So, hasta la próxima vez con mucho amor,




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