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Cupcake ATM Opens in Manhattan

- Hye Sung


This past Tuesday in Manhattan’s Upper East Side, Sprinkles Cupcakes’ opened up their very own ATM [machine]. That may not sound extraordinary, but what if I told you that this ATM does not have any fees? Sounds awesome, right? Still… that isn’t all that impressive. But how about it this ATM not even being able to dispense money. What is the point of that then? Well, it actually dispenses cupcakes. Now that is extraordinary.

Sprinkles Cupcakes’ ATMs have been popping up throughout the country, with New York City being their most recently-opened location. For those of us who suffer from late night cravings, this machine thankfully never shuts off or closes so you can successfully purchase your favorite kind of cupcake at any time of the day–or more appropriately, the night. Perfect for the city that never sleeps.

The machine holds 760 cupcakes and has to be restocked multiple times throughout the day. Thousands of cupcakes are sold from a single machine a day.
The process of ordering a cupcake is probably half the fun. Some customers place multiple orders one by one instead of all at once, just so they can witness the entertainment of the cupcake-delivery over and over again. You choose a flavor (red velvet, peanut buttercup, lemon meringue and Cuban coffee) and a robotic arm grabs your cupcake and gracefully places it in a little box. I know, it may not sound extremely exciting but you it’s a robotic arm–it’s a bit strange and mildly funny and somehow exciting. The zeal fans have over this process is one that probably can only be obtained by witnessing it. Perhaps this is simply a gourmet cupcake vending machine (which is awesome in itself), but the technology that goes along with it are breath-taking.

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