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Octane & The Little Tart Bakeshop

- Hye Sung

I spend most of my free time coffee shops. Even when I go on trips, I find myself needing a place to concentrate to get a bit of work done and the deafening silence of hotel rooms gets to me. I just can’t stand it. The light chatter and music in the background help me stay concentrated on what I am doing, whether it be studying or doing some pleasure reading. It was only natural to find myself in a coffee shop when visiting Atlanta, and due to friends’ recommendations, I found myself in Octane, which shares a space with the Little Tart Bakeshop.

Screenshot 2014-04-08 at 8.08.19 PM


Thankfully, both the coffee shop (Octane) and the Little Tart Bakeshop were open, so I will admit: I indulged. And I was the happiest man in Atlanta as I shoved a Pain au Chocolat down my throat, complemented by iced coffee. And that Pain au Chocolat was brilliantly-crafted, baked perfectly so that it was marvelously flaky but not dry… and the chocolate gushed out gloriously, making a little mess, but nothing major. In my opinion, it was actually a beautiful sight.

That was just the morning.

As lunch approached, I decided to get the Little Tart Bakeshop’s take on a BLT: Pine Street Market bacon, local arugula, kale, or lettuce, and tomato pesto, along with some tomato soup and an Italian soda.

Screenshot 2014-04-08 at 8.05.03 PM


And by the time the afternoon just about snuck by, I found myself digging into a Brown Butter Almond Cake with another iced coffee.

I was very pleased. Ecstatic, even.

There is a lot to love about this place. There is plenty of seating and space for you to be alone and do your thing. The decor is modern and clean but also unique and wildly geometric. Yes, the decor is hip as can be. The coffee is high quality, good music plays all day, and the food is amazing, in both taste and in its presentation.

I have one regret, and that is not getting a vanilla latte. They were both beautiful and I heard people raving about them nearby. Next time.

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