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Hancock Shaker Village In The Heart Of The Berkshires

- Pauline

I love The Berkshires. It isn’t just about the region’s stunning scenery and outdoor recreation; there is so much to see and do when it comes to music, the arts, and history too. One of the most unique attractions in the area is the Hancock Shaker Village, which is a living history museum that was once home to more than 300 Shakers in its heyday. The village opens for the season this Saturday, April 12th, and will start off with a cute 3-week celebration of their baby animals, who are the newest additions to their working farm. Tourists lucky enough to make it there will go to the famous Round Stone Barn to see the Village’s piglets, chicks, calves and lambs at their best. This notable building has been around since 1826, and its circular shape is more than just visually appealing; farm workers have always benefited from its functionality. The guided tour explains how and why the Round Stone Barn continues to work well today.

Round Stone Barn

For those who won’t be able to see the baby animals in all of their glory, you will still be able visit some of them and explore the rest of this incredible historical site, which is nestled on 750 beautiful acres. The village is not only home to a working farm; it also has 20 historic Shaker buildings, a store, a café, the Center for Shaker Studies, and various galleries and exhibits that the whole family can explore and enjoy. I love how the Hancock Shaker Village draws people in with its celebration of Shaker history in the Berkshires’ natural landscape. The site demonstrates how the faith’s core values of equality between men and women, pacifism, and smart agriculture made lasting impacts on American society; it really is one of the best tourist attractions to connect colonial history with today in the country.


Hancock Shaker Village is located in the heart of the Berkshires in Pittsfield, Massachusetts, and is rated as the area’s most popular destination on Because there is a working farm on the property, no pets are allowed. It only takes anywhere between two to three hours to get there by car from the New York City metropolitan area, so consider staying more than just one day to discover the best of what the region has to offer. The Hancock Shaker Village is a great place to start.




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