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Yosemite National Park

- Briza

Yosemite: beautiful scenery, waterfalls, hiking, camping, nature, deer, bears, birds.

All of these beautiful images and memories come to mind when I think of Yosemite. Since I could remember we’ve always gone camping either to Big Trees, Caples Lake, or Yosemite. I know camping isn’t for everybody but Yosemite is certainly something that should be explored by everybody–even for a day trip. It’s absolutely gorgeous.

One of my favorite memories include when we saw a deer pass by us. It was the most majestic thing I had ever seen. It was literally a couple of feet away. Of course, these deer are already accustomed to having humans near them so to the deer it seemed like we were normal as were snapping pictures on our camera.



Another one of my favorite things are the hikes that lead you to some spectacular views. I wish we would have taken better pictures with our camera, but this is one of the best ones:


I remember that one this particular trip, the steps were difficult to walk up because they are very narrow and it is a steep climb. (You will feel the burn). Make sure to drink lots of water and bring your camera everywhere you go!




Camping was also very enjoyable. I, personally, love to camp and I enjoy hiking. The campgrounds are really just like any other campgrounds around California, but what really makes this National Park particularly special are the hikes and getting a good glimpse at the waterfalls. Yosemite should be on everybody’s travel bucket list.




A good way to end our trip was seeing a rainbow. Yosemite is definitely something you shouldn’t pass up. Next time any of you are in California, take a detour trip to Yosemite for even a couple of hours and you will be amazed.




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