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Bizarro or Batman? Which ride is the best?

- Ethan

  • Adrenaline pumping as you majestically corkscrew through the air. Momentum taking over as you glide down the colorful track. Loud shreiks whailing at the top of your lungs. It’s that time of year again: coaster season! The next half year is rollercoaster season and to kick things off, I’m going to focus on the best theme park on the northern East Coast: Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson, NJ. Six Flags has a great load of thrillers, but to start off, here are two great choices.

Bizarro, the great super villain which first appeared to be a “mirror” of Superman by DC Comics, is challenging you to take him on at this theme park. In this attraction, please note to tie your shoes as tight as a ribbon because there is no floor under you. Next, you have to be aware of sudden changes in direction because in this roide, you go upside down, side ways and down. Bizarro even unleashes his harmful fire on you (fire does not actually touch you, but be aware of sudden increases of temperatue when it occurs)! Finally, watch out for corkscrews and smile for the camera!


The alleys of Gotham City are lurking with super evil masterminds and there’s only one citizen who can put there plans at halt. He goes by the name of Bruce Wayne, but his superhero name is Batman. at the theme park of Six Flags Great Adventure, Batman soars through the sky with  gut-grinding corkscrews and inversions that will leave you hanging. This ride, like Bizarro, is a coaster without floors which leave your feet dangling in the air like a struggling person who is on the edge of a cliff. In this attraction, Batman does many corkscrews, so beware for them because they are just around the corner. Unlike Bizarro, flames are not unleashed upon the citizens whos luck was seized right out of their palms. If I had one concern for the average citizen on the Batman ride is that there are a lot of flips and the first drop may knock the wind right out of you! For Bizarro, I think that you should take precautions for the twist in direction because there are a handful of them. Overall, both these rides get a thumbs-up from me, but were shoes very tightly, or you won’t see your 65 dollar flip-flops ever again.





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