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Winter Jam

- Maria M

My Name is Maria and I live in Southern Ohio. I like traveling because it is a great experience and it helps me connect with my family. I tend to travel quite often, a few major places I have been to are Guatemala, France, London, and Paris. What I really love about traveling is the art, culture, and the food.
One of my most recent trips was When I attended the Winter Jam tour with my youth group. It was a night full of loud music and staying up late.
The bus ride over was insane. It was 30+ of teenagers in a school bus headed down to U.S. Bank Arena. It was a ten dollar entrance fee so there were a lot of people trying to get in. If you do the math ten bands for ten dollars we were seeing all these bands for around a dollar.
My favorite band was probably Tenth Avenue North. The reason why was probably because they weren’t as loud as all the other bands. Although that may be because I had already lost most of mine. The music was crazy loud and the bass was up so loud that my pant legs were literally vibrating. Also I had a water and when I set it down I noticed it was rippling inside the bottle. That was how loud it was.
All the bands did well, but the Newsboys I think left a big impression on everyone at the end of the night. The reason why is their drummer was on a round platform and the center lifted up out of it. The drummer still playing  perfectly not missing a beat the platform he was on started spinning and tilting like one of those rides you see at an amusement park.
When the concert ended we headed to our bus where everyone is either tired and cold, or on a sugar rush. Needless to say the bus ride back was even more crazy than on the way there. We had people talking in British accents, and some singing the wheels on the bus. The adults even joined in.
I didn’t get home till midnight but had such a fun time that I hope to do something like it again even if it was crazy.



Winter Jam





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