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Insurgent, The Divergent Sequel

- Lindsey M


Insurgent, The Divergent Sequel

By Lindsey M.

Warning! This article contains spoilers!


 Veronica Roth’s hit series Divergent has hit center stage both inside and outside of the classroom. Divergent ended with Tris and Tobias and a few others heading out of the Dauntless headquarters searching for hiding from the Erudite and Dauntless leadership. They do not have a faction anymore, and are looking for saftey to come up with a plan.

Roth’s second installment,Insurgent, is due to hit the big screen in March 2015. The sequal gives the readers a side of Tris that we have not yet seen. In the novel, Tris deals with the emotions that come with the loss of both of her parents. Fans, do not worry, she is still a strong female protagonist and never ceases to amaze when it comes to standing up for what she believes in. Tris is overwhelemed with a multitude of emotions, espicially the guilt she is bearing after she is forced to kill one of her initiates,Will. She chooses to hide her knoweldge of Wills death to Christina and the other dauntless members, including Tobias. Although she has gotten cozier with her new boyfriend, Tobias Eaton a.k.a. Four, she faces difficult deciscions that potentially drive a wedge between the two of them.

The readers will get to know Tobias better in this second book in the series as he deals with issues regarding his father Marcus and his “factionless” mother, Evelyn, who comes into the picture early on in Insurgent. Tobias struggles with Tris’s grieiving, never knowing if she is being honest with him. There conflict will play out over the course of the novel, giving us a different side to them as a couple, since they were practically inseperable in the first book.

Insurgent also gives the readers more information about the flaws within the factions. We are there to witness the aftermath of the Dauntless forced attack on Ambnegation constructed by Erudite. We get to see the Amity compound, where Tris and Tobias do not fit in due to their Dauntless tendencies. I guess thats just part of being Dauntless right? Roth gives us complexity in the novel when we get to watch the breakdown of the Dauntless faction, which will be divided in half, Dauntless, or Dauntless traitors.

I think that any teenage or college student will love this sequel since it gives perspective on other factions and the factionless. Most importantly, we get to see further into Tris and Tobias, and see how they are dealing with the situations around them differently, but manage to stay close throughout it all.

TTT rates this book: **** 4 Stars




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