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Tarpon Feeding in the Florida Keys

- Lindsey M

Tarpon Feeding in the Florida Keys

By Lindsey M


During my vacation to the Florida Keys, my family decided to head to “Robbie’s of Islamorada” to feed Tarpon. Just incase you have never seen Tarpon before, be aware that they are huge! They hang out by the docks at Robbie’s and wait for families to come and feed them. This was such a fun experience for my whole family, who had never done this before! Even though some family members did not participate, we created memories together that we will never forget. In order for the Tarpon to get the fish, you have to hang the bait over the water, and the Tarpon jumps up and grabs it right out of your hands. I have to admit, when I first saw these fish I was nervous, but then as everyone fed the fish, I realized there is nothing to worry about! The picture above is my brother  feeding one of the biggest Tarpon’s at their marina! I can promise you that it will be an experience like no other! The best part about this experience is that it was low cost! At only $3 for a bucket of bait, it is affordable and fun!  Just incase you have members in your group that are not interested in feeding the Tarpon, no worries! Robbie’s has many activities for big or small groups. There is shopping, fishing, food,  and snorkeling for everyone to enjoy! I strongly suggest if you every head down to the Keys, stopping by Robbie’s! To this day we still laugh about all of the memories from our day there, which I would like to pass on to you guys!

Just incase you want more information check out their link:





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