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“The Fault In Our Stars” out June 6th!

- Lindsey M


    John Green’s hit novel The Fault in Our stars is being brought to the big screen June 6th! John Green is a huge advocate for young adult literature, and is changing it with his many books. Green was on set with the directors and the talented cast, Shailene Woodley and Ansel Elgort. These two also have leading roles in Veronica Roth’s hit movie Divergent. Shailene Woodly plays Hazel, a teenage girl who has cancer. Hazel craves to have a normal life, doing normal teenage things. She has supportive parents who want her to live life to the fullest, but still worry about her condition. Hazel goes to a group meeting with others who have cancer, and meets Augustus. Augustus has recovered from cancer, and was there to support his friend. Augustus and Hazel’s relationship progresses throughout the novel when Augustus’s illness reappears. John Green has the power to make readers feel a multitude of different emotions and still have us wanting more!

This book, The Fault In Our Stars deals with real life topics, like illness, adolescence, and romance, and tastefully personifies them. John green was also very active on set, constantly tweeting about the film.This book has been on the NY Times bestseller list, and is still on The Top 100 Young Adult books. Fans have been patiently anticipating the movie, which just had its NY premiere over the weekend. Don’t pass up this one up, this is a great movie for teens who are looking to head out the the movies this weekend!

By Lindsey M




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