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Disney’s Maleficent

- Briza



Disney’s newest movie has just come out May 30th. Maleficent  is a must see. No spoilers!

Personally, I love movies and Disney, so during the summer one of my favorite pass times is to go to the movie theater. Angelina Jolie is perfect for the role of Maleficent. I really liked how original the story line was with a villain’s point of view. Ever since I was little, I would always wonder why the villains became so mean and this movie opened my eyes a little bit as to why. My favorite thing about the movie is how Angelina Jolie’s daughter had a role in the movie (she played Aurora as a young girl).

This movie is something the whole family can see, my little sister came to watch it with me and she wasn’t scared or bored from the movie. I would definitely give this movie five stars and I would recommend this movie to anyone that loves a twist to a classic fairy tale. This reminds me somewhat of the television series Once Upon A Time and how the villains give their reasons as to why they are so mean.

When you’re not out and about and looking for something to do an alternative is to catch the latest movie at the theater, the Box Office, RedBox, or do it old school and go to a drive-in. This is also something to do with friends, family, or by yourself.




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