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- Luisa


Theme parks and restaurants and cruises, oh my! Over the past five years our bloggers have seen the world, tasted new foods, adventured to new surroundings and more. Throughout their experiences,’s bloggers have shared their stories and experience with you – our readers.

Our bloggers have given you tips on how to pack, how to survive car rides with your annoying little brother and what to do when visiting major cities. Now we want to expand our expertise and give your parents some advice on how to plan the next perfect family vacation with you – teenagers and college students – in mind.’s first e-book, “Vacation with Teenagers: Connect with Your Young Adult through Travel and Leisure” is designed for parents so that they have a better idea of what YOU REALLY WANT to do on your next family vacation. The book is a great resource for families itching for their next vacation. It’s summer already, so what are you waiting for?

In this e-book, teen travel expert Luisa Frey shares her professional experience coupled with real-life advice on how parents can make the most out of their next family vacation while keeping everyone (meaning you!) happy. The ebook is easily downloadable via PDF file or Kindle, making it convenient for parents to read on the go, in the waiting room, or during commercial breaks of The Bachelorette.

Click here to purchase and download your copy via Amazon.

Don’t have a Kindle? Then get the free Kindle app on your phone to read the book.

Or you can purchase the e-book in downloadable pdf format here on by clicking this link:

Encourage your mom or dad to check it out to ensure your next family vacation is fun for the whole family – especially you!




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