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Bike Riding: The New Way to Sightsee

- Briza

The old school way of bike riding has come back full circle. Bike riding used to be so popular for a good day at the park or for sightseeing. Bikes are becoming more popular if you are traveling. There are many bike rental locations in touristic areas. On a nice sunny day, this is the way to go when you want to see specific landmarks or simply tour the town.

Riding bikes are very convenient for every type of family. There are many different options when going to a rental place. So far, my family and I have tried out the basic two-wheelers, tandums, and a big cart (I’m not really sure what they’re called) . If the whole group knows how to ride bikes, this is really fun and a good experience to cherish forever.

The tandums (or the attached bikes is what I call them) are fun to ride. Be careful though, you have to balance with your partner. My dad and I had some trouble in the beginning, but afterwards it was a smooth ride. We did also have trouble when one of us would shift or move around because the bike would slowly start to tilt to the side and we had to stop so we could regain our balance.


For a family that has a baby or a toddler that doesn’t know how to ride a bike there is always the option of renting an attached baby seat for them.


There are also trailer bikes for kids that are learning how to bike ride. If you are renting one, these already come attached to a normal bike. These are pretty neat but I’ve never tried riding one before.


If the family wishes to be under shade and are willing to try something new you could always rent a big one. This one seats up to four to six people. My baby brother is in the front of the cart, this makes it an easy option for those of you who have smaller siblings. Just as a warning, you must have a driver’s license to be able to drive one of these. Also, the second wheel that I’m holding on in the picture doesn’t control anything. The driver on the left side is the one that drives the cart. Remember to bring helmets, or you can rent those too, for children. 20131002_131735

There are so many options for a group of people wanting to bike ride so they can tour the area. Riding bikes has always been apart of some great memories for me and its a great way to enjoy the sights of the city.




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